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Everton Chair leads the way in Malaysia’s office furniture manufacturing by offering a range of office furniture and partitions of various brands and styles. For over 45 years, Everton Chair has helped create great experiences for the world’s leading organizations across industries ranging from local small and medium enterprises, government linked companies to multinational companies.
As a manufacturer with decades of footing in Malaysia, we have developed an established and reputable network of dealers throughout Malaysia. In recent years, we have further advanced our business model to suit the needs of the growing market providing customized business to business packages, of which included packaged products ranging from public seating chairs to high end office chairs.


Why Should Choose Us?

Easy customization

Our range of office chairs are explicitly designed for easy customization. With eight categories of design model series and five fabric selections to choose from, our creative yet functional designs will ensure you a well planned office workspace – your customized office chair will be exactly what you are looking for.

Ergonomically designed and handcrafted quality

Everton Office Chairs are handcrafted with an emphasis on ergonomics and carefully engineered components which provide all day comfort. These chairs are made with a high degree of focus in bringing comfort and support with style. As a manufacturer we recognize the movements made by our users and have designed accordingly our range of office chairs. Ergonomic office chairs have a number of features designed to improve your posture and offer correct support, e.g. rotary command lever activating the gas cylinder for seat height adjustment and lock-out in 5 positions; knob adjustment the tension according to the user's weight, and etc.

Good warranty policy and dedicated customer service

Everton Chair made a commitment to provide the best customer service. Our core values and warranty policy ground us and push us to do more and be better every day.