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About Us

The average office worker spends more than 30 hours per week in their desk chair – your office design inevitably has a great impact on your productivity. If you are planning to renovate, or you wish to add something to your office that will help increase productivity, Everton Chair is the kind of comfort you want to live with. 
With or without a detailed and itemized shopping list for your office furniture or partitions, browsing online is always a fool-proof starting point to begin with – you may be looking for some high-end contemporary office chair, or simply just the right set of functional furniture within a budget – either way rest assured you will find just the right office chair that suits your needs at Everton!
The preliminary steps to be taken would be to firstly understand the general environment and surroundings that sum up into a detailed floor plan for your workspace. With a floorplan you would be able to have a better grip of the overview regarding the sizes of the rooms, of which such measurements would determine the best suited furniture for you to choose from.
Furnish, transform and make your workplace your second home with Everton Chair.
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